Vaibhav Vidyut Company Pvt. Ltd. Are manufactures of single bearing brushless A. C. Generator with state of art design, processing manufacturing, infrastructure, marketing & service.

Vaibhav Vidyut is capable of manufacturing of world class silent brushless single bearing A.C. generator for 78 dba noise level in 5 to 30 KVA single phase & 5 to 40 KVA in 3 phase range. It is Pvt. Ltd. Company situated at Hubli (Karnataka State). Currently the company has annual turnover of 15 crores.

Company has 2 units setup in 1986 which is Spread 1,000 sq. metres & produces around 9,600 A.C. Generators for year Company is ISO 9001-2000 certified by TUV.



  • Coil winding, Winding machine.

  • Impregnation & baking of winding to ensure insulation value as per is IS standard.

  • Dynamic rotor balancing machine.

  • Assembly / Testing as per IS standards.


Our quality policy is to design, develop, manufacture & supply.

Quality A.C. Generator at compatative price by incorporating the needs & requirement of customer. Ensure timely deliveries with the view of continual improvement & effectiveness in quality management system to enhance the customer satisfaction through involvement of all.


Salient Features

  • Compact, robust design, Self excited and self regulated with automatic voltage regulator with permanent magnet.

  • Voltage build up from lowest residual magnetism.

  • Dynamically balanced rotating parts.

  • Single bearing adapter & coupling disc.


Adapter SAE 2/3

Coupling Disc SAE 10 / 11.5

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