Vaibhav Vidyut Company Pvt. Ltd is a manufacture of single bearing brushless A. C. Generator with state of art design, processing manufacturing, infrastructure, marketing & service.

Vaibhav Vidyut is capable of manufacturing of world class silent brushless single bearing A.C. generator for 78 dba noise level in 5 to 30 KVA single phase & 5 to 82.5 KVA in 3 phase range. It is a Pvt. Ltd. Company situated at Hubli (Karnataka State). Currently the company has annual turnover is 15 crores.

We have been manufacturing alternator since 1989.

So for, we have supplied about 70,000 alternators since, 1999-2000. We are committed to quality standards. Our failure rate is below 0.25%. We are ISO approved Company.

We have been manufacturing brushless alternators with single bearing in the range 5 KVA to 82.5 KVA both single phase and three phases.

Salient Features

  • Compact, robust design, Self excited and self regulated with automatic voltage regulator with permanent magnet.

  • Voltage build up from lowest residual magnetism.

  • Dynamically balanced rotating parts.

  • Single bearing adapter & coupling disc.


Adapter SAE 2/3

Coupling Disc SAE 10 / 11.5

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